The Quantifying the Operating Conditions of Automated Driving Systems (ADS)-Equipped Vehicles Using Operational Design Domain (ODD) Elements project was sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) through award number NIST 70NANB20H200. For more information, please contact Gibran Ali or Mac McCall.

Statement of Relevance and Benefit to the General Public:

Understanding the conditions in which ADSs will and will not operate is fundamental to their success and to the safety of all road users. The Quantifying the Operating Conditions of ADS-Equipped Vehicles Using ODD Elements project developed an initial foundational tool for developing an ADS-equipped vehicle safety measurement methodology and supports further conversations around ODD elements and quantifying the ADS operational environment.

This tool was designed to communicate the interconnectedness of ODD elements utilizing the NIST Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Framework (Griffor et al., 2017). The demonstrates how currently available datasets can be integrated and used by stakeholders to objectively measure key ODD elements, evaluate initial assumptions, begin to establish baseline measurements, and how ODD information could be made available to the larger development community.

Please view this video for a summary of the tool.